Features That Quality Fingerprinting Services Agency Should Have

It is a requirement to every citizen in any country to have their fingerprints processed so that they can be verified as actual citizens of that country. Employers also require to do a background check on their employees to know of any criminal activities; and to achieve this, they require running fingerprints. For one to have a good conduct certificate, fingerprints are also involved. Read more about Fingerprinting Services at background check nevada. Therefore the fingerprinting service provider mandated to collect the citizen's fingerprints should have various techniques for collecting them. There exist different unique ways to collect fingerprints. 
One of the ways of collecting the prints involves the use of ink. Here, a person fingerprints are printed on a plain paper by dipping the fingers in ink. This is the most used by many fingerprints service providers as it is quick and convenient. In most cases the ink used is black and not permanent thus can be wiped once done.
Another way of fingerprints collection is Livescan method. Here prints are collected by the use of a more advanced technology that involves a digital scanner. Not only the process is faster but also yields better results compared to ink technology. The prints here are of high quality and very visible. Most law enforcement agencies recommend this method as the equipment used yields better quality prints.
Employers also utilize this method when they require the conduct of their employees or the validity of their licenses. The Employer or the licensing board give out paperwork with the Livescan instructions. These are then submitted for the background check to the state agency involved in fingerprints processes, and the results are sent in a couple of days. Get more info about Fingerprinting Services at Fingerprinting Express. Therefore, this provides employers with accurate data about their employees.
Collection of fingerprints can be done by using a fingerprints cards. Here, the process involves first verifying a person's identity card and once confirmed, their fingerprints are then taken and placed on the fingerprint card. The prints can later be submitted for doing background checks. After the fingerprints are collected, and a submission made for request of background check, it takes a couple of weeks depending on the agency to get the results. The fingerprint agency should also be in a position to work hand in hand with the state investigation body in that they can access any person's data whenever they collect and run prints. This is to help in speeding up the process and to ensure that there would be no double entry of the prints data. Learn more from  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fingerprint.